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Thinking about getting involved in Detroit Design Festival 2014? Attend this Early Bird Info Session to get a head start on your Design Happening!


We will discuss the steps individuals and organizations need to begin taking now to find funding and establish partnerships. Please keep in mind that next year’s DDF will have a limited number of Design Happenings, so beginning now will help ensure that your work, project or event is included!

More information about Detroit Design Festival: The Detroit Design Festival is North America’s festival of independent design.

Detroit’s role as a center of independent design runs deep: the result of design-driven industries, world-class educational facilities, the country’s highest quantities and concentrations of industrial and commercial designers and an inherent willingness to confront social challenges with honesty, integrity and forward thought.

With these characteristics in mind, the Detroit Creative Corridor Center established the Detroit Design Festival to connect creatives with one another, introduce them to new markets and consumers, and expose Detroit’s creative talent and collective design aesthetic to national and global audiences.