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Develop a deeper understanding of photography in Foto Europa: 1840 to Present, an extraordinary new exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Organized by the DIA, Foto Europa examines works by European pioneers to photographers of the present day.


The exhibition is more than a positive snapshot, it spells out the evolution of a new medium and a unique understanding of these slices of life—from realistic street photography before World War I to blurred and self-revelatory works of contemporary masters. Foto Europa is on exhibit through April 27, 2014 at the DIA. For complete details, click here.

Details from the DIA:

Europe saw the birthplace of photography in France in 1839. Since then the continent has continued to be a center for progressive ideas and experimentation with the “foto”—photo in German. European artists and photographers have helped establish the medium as a serious form of creative expression, defining and redefining the position of photography within the larger world of art.

This exhibition features works of art from some of most Europe’s most well-known artists and photographers including Julia Margaret Cameron, Eugène Atget, HenriCartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Christian Boltanski and Gerhard Richter among others. The exhibition also features several new acquisitions featuring work by Wolfgang Tillmans and Bernd and Hilla Becher.

Drawn mostly from the DIA’s permanent collection, Foto Europa examines aspects of the long and prestigious history of European photography primarily in France, Germany and Great Britain, regions where photographic practice has flourished.

This exhibition was organized by the Detroit Institute of Arts.

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