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You want to see busy? Forget Santa and the elves, the Mosaic Youth Theatre singers are hustling harder this time of year to get ready for their annual big holiday show.

"Woodward Wonderland" puts a uniquely Detroit spin on the holiday season, paying tribute to the metro area's many rich holiday traditions through original short plays and exuberant song and dance. The show runs Dec. 11-14, 2014, at the Detroit Film Theatre in the DIA.

The play takes audiences of all ages on a nostalgic theatrical journey to magical Motor City destinations like Toyland on the 12th floor of the old J.L. Hudson's department store and Detroit's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
IXITI photographer Tanya Moutzalias stopped by rehearsals for the show last week to catch these super-talented kids in action. Check out her photos here:

 Tickets for the show can be purchased through the DIA's website here.