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How do they do it? That is the question most often asked after watching an enra dance performance. The Japanese dance troupe fuses martial arts, gymnastics, ballet, hip hop, even juggling, into seamlessly choreographed visual dance performances that are timed—down to the second—with rhythmic graphics on a screen behind them.

“It’s absolutely mesmerizing to watch them because it looks like you’re watching a video game,” describes Alexander Michaelson, enra’s tour manager.

“People think they’re using sensors, like on an Xbox” because of how seamlessly timed their movements are to what’s going on on the screen behind them. Instead, “it’s all choreographed, so it’s actually precision movements, with each movement of their body all timed with the motion graphics” and music. 

As Elaine (Hendriks) Smith, Director of The Berman Center for the Performing Arts, where enra will be performing on Saturday, October 24th at 8pm, details of her staff’s preparation for Saturday’s performance, the music and projections must be perfectly in sync, as any slight alteration will affect the overall visual composition of the performance.

This is the first American tour for the six-person Japanese dance group, who have recently performed everywhere from the Cannes Film Festival, on television’s America’s Got Talent, and throughout Asia. While their videos have gone viral for the past two years, Michaelson points out that “it is completely different to see them live and in person.”

“With full projections, and with an audience, it is nothing short of magical.”



Tickets are available for enra, Saturday, October 24 at 8pm, for $35. Click here to purchase.