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The University Musical Society (UMS) announces their 2016-17 inaugural UMS Wallace Blogging Fellows—Adam DesJardinis and Marissa Kurtzhals—who will serve as curators making monthly recommendations about events throughout Southeast Michigan. 

CultureSource will share excerpts from these posts, which highlight adventurous arts and culture experiences in our region. 

Marissa’s Picks for the Week of September 15, 2016

muralDuring last year's first Murals in the Market

2nd Annual Murals in the Market

Not many artists grew up on a farm…but I did! That’s why I am so excited for the 2nd Annual Murals in the Market event at Eastern Market in Detroit.

Fresh, local produce mixed with high caliber (and giant) murals captures the true essence of Michigan’s favorite comeback city. More than 50 local and international artists are traveling to the great city of Detroit to create large-scale murals over the course of 10 days! There are tons of events surrounding this exciting project from September 15-24th; from opening receptions, to classes, and a final walking tour of the completed murals. This event is a great opportunity to explore the best of Detroit!  

Ypsi Song Fest: Motown Revisited

I have to believe in my heart that every American loves Motown Music, don’t you? There’s something about the upbeat, soulful, timeless music (riddled with clapping and sweet dance moves) that brings everyone together.

As a millennial, I never really had the opportunity to hear live Motown Music, which is why I am so excited for this celebration of one of my favorite genres! This event takes place on Washtenaw Community College’s campus in the beautiful Towsley Auditorium. An impressive lineup of musicians such as John E. Lawrence (Ypsilanti guitar legend), Al McKenzie (former music director of The Temptations), Ray Moore (formerly with The Four Tops), and Ted Brannon (formerly with Edwin Starr) will bring the Motown sound alive for one spectacular evening on September 16. 

Elephant Revival at The Ark

elephantAs someone who lives in the Ann Arbor area, I cannot imagine life without The Ark. I’ve seen some of my favorite performances in this space, and they always offer an eclectic set of music, keeping me abreast with the best of the folk music scene.

Admittedly, I was initially attracted to this event because of the name of the band. Elephants? I am in! But then I looked up the band on Youtube, and was completely blown away by the elegant (not elephant!) sound produced by a five-person band. I’m a sucker for mixed-gender bands, and Elephant Revival plays to this segment quite beautifully. The rugged folk style is paired with gentle harmonies…and a musical saw! The Youtube video link shows the band playing on a porch in the mountains, so I can only imagine the sound they will produce in the intimate space at The Ark on September 21! 

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