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The University Musical Society (UMS) announces their 2016-17 inaugural UMS Wallace Blogging Fellows—Adam DesJardinis and Marissa Kurtzhals—who will serve as curators making monthly recommendations about events throughout Southeast Michigan. 

CultureSource will share excerpts from these posts, which highlight adventurous arts and culture experiences in our region. 

Marissa’s Picks for the Week of October 14, 2016

yspiIt’s Fall y’all! As soon as I see one yellow leaf, I bust out the scarves, fuzzy socks, and apple cider to show my love for my favorite season. With that, I have found the best events throughout the area to experience the cool breeze and warm sun…with a creative twist.

Glass Pumpkin Show

To some, the pumpkin spice trend has gotten out of hand. I think it went a little too far when Pumpkin Spiced Oreos hit the shelf, but that’s just my opinion. Instead, let’s celebrate the pumpkin with the Glass Pumpkin Show at Glass Academy in Dearborn. Witness live glass-blowing demonstrations during your pursuit for the perfect pumpkin at this special event. Attend the Signature Show on October 15 and 16 for free. Last but not least, these pretty pumpkins are making a special trip to Downtown Home and Garden in Ann Arbor on October 22 and 23. 

Trick or Treat on the River

Enjoy the sites and sounds of the Huron River before winter is upon us with a festive fall activity, Trick or Treat on the River. Vincent van Gogh once said, “Keep your love of nature for that is the true way to understand art more and more.” Luckily, every Michigander knows there’s an abundance of natural beauty in our state. Use the complimentary candy as motivation to paddle down the Huron and feel inspired by the beautiful colors of hundreds of trees that line the mighty (yet manageable) river on October 16.

dracula landing pageDracula

The Gothic horror novel published in 1897 continues to pique the curiosity of Western culture, especially around Halloween. Wayne State’s Theatre and Dance Company presents Bram Stoker’s Dracula, adapted by Charles Morey at the beautiful Hilberry Theatre in Detroit. If you’re a fan of Buffy, True Blood, or Count von Count, see where it all began with the original vampire, October 21 through November 2. 


Prepare for a night unlike any other. From the Fools who brought you FestiFools and Fool Moon comes YpsiGLOW, a chance to shine in the city of Ypsilanti with a glow-in-the-dark street party. Immediately following the Ypsilanti Downtown Halloween Festival, artists, makers, and creators will show the glow of Ypsi on October 27 with works of art, music, and storefront decorations. 

Black Cat Cabaret

When I hear the words “cat” and “cabaret” in the same sentence, I’m in. Ypsilanti’s Neighborhood Theatre Group presents Black Cat Cabaret—an evening of tunes and treats in Bona Sera Underground on October 28 and 29. I can vouch for the talent and passion of these performers, and guarantee a spooktacular evening—for only $10. Treat yourself to some delicious creations from Bona Sera before or after the show. Meow!

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