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When the Michigan Philharmonic designs their concert programs, it isn’t just about putting on a nice show—they want to bring different voices of the community together in any way they can. Their upcoming November 10th concert, Hail to the Veterans!, is a prime example of fulfilling this part of their mission.

“We’re bringing people together under the theme of honoring our veterans, but at the same time, it’s a wide variety of music on the program so that people will get a little taste of a lot of things,” said Beth Stewart, Executive Director of the Michigan Philharmonic. 

veteransThe program—which will take place at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Plymouth—includes the familiar Richard Rogers score from Victory at Sea and John Williams’ Born on the Fourth of July, to the show’s two closing numbers, which welcomes children’s choirs from Our Lady of Good Council and the Main Street Opera Children’s’ Chorus (both in Plymouth), as well as the Detroit Children’s Choir (DCC). The Philharmonic’s youth orchestra will also perform with the group. This will be the first time the Philharmonic has worked with all three groups at one time, and Stewart said the opportunity to perform with the DCC is what sparked the whole idea.

This unique partnership not only allows these kids to perform with a professional orchestra—something many will never get the chance to do, especially at such a young age—but it also gives the Philharmonic an opportunity to teach and mentor a new generation of diverse artists.

“Not only do they have to listen and learn from their conductor, but then they have to learn how to work with our conductor, and then with other choir members from other places, and then come together and sing with the orchestra,” Stewart said. 

“We’re actually asking a lot of these kids, and I know they’ll do a great job."

Stewart said that partnerships between established and youth performers are a special time for the Philharmonic’s professional musicians, especially those who benefited from similar experiences as children. It’s a moment they always remember.

“We love the fact that all of these groups are working with young people to give them a love not only of performance, but performance of classical music,” she continued. “The opportunity of being with a professional orchestra is a great opportunity for them, too.”

The DCC’s Artistic Director, Eric Taylor, would wholeheartedly agree, calling it a “match made in heaven.” 

DCCDetroit Children's Choir. Photo by Doug Coombe.

For more information or to purchase tickets for Hail to the Veterans!, Friday, November 10th at 8pm, click here.