Dear CultureSource Members,
You reading this means you've come up for air before diving back into year-end fundraising, financials, or fêtes. (Best wishes!)
There are three things I want you to know/remember:
1. Our annual member survey was recently sent to the CEO/director of each of our member organizations—we have 128 now! Member feedback is particularly important this year as CultureSource prepares to make significant commitments to growth. We hope your team responds by December 22.
2. With our partners at Quicken Loans, we proudly offer Random Acts of Culture to our members as a special opportunity, which has already generated great community buzz. Proposals for how you might surprise the public with a 'random' burst of creative expression are due by December 31.
3. In my thus far brief tenure leading CultureSource, I've primarily spent my time gathering information to understand our organization's base operations, purpose, and potential, as well as the people involved. As I listen to all of you, I continue to be energized about our possible futures together. Thanks for all of your work and support.
We'll keep in touch with you about our developments, and we hope you do the same regarding your successes and needs. (And may you have many of the former and few of the latter in the new year.)