A Detroit Arts Support Program

If you...

  • are located in Wayne, Oakland or Macomb Counties
  • are a community-based arts or cultural organization; an arts or cultural producer (artist) or presenter; or an arts project-based enterprise which pays creators or artists
  • need funds for an artistic project that will strengthen your purpose; enhance your skills; add to the vibrancy of your community; or contribute to the creative environment
  • had revenues of less than $100,000 in the last 12 months OR had revenues of more than $100,000 in the last 12 months, but were ineligible for a Detroit Arts Support grant due to being too new or too small or because you are not a 501(c)(3)

…you may want to apply for a CultureSource Creators of Culture grant.

  • You may apply for $3,000. This is an all-or-nothing grant process (no strings attached), and 25 projects will receive funding.
  • Your project can be ongoing, annual, new, or something you already do
  • It is okay for the grant to be the only cash used (no matching requirement)
  • You must submit your application by June 10, 2019.The grant term is August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020. 

NOTE: you do not need to be a CultureSource member to apply for a Creators of Culture grant. 

You must understand and agree to...

  • apply for only one grant application
  • include payments to creators of culture as part of your project
  • not limit participants in your project on the basis of
    • race, color, county of origin, ethnicity
    • age, religion, sexual orientation, gender-identification
    • ability

That’s it! Our goal is to keep the entire grant process simple.

What's the purpose of this grant program? 
Many types of arts activities happen in Southeast Michigan regularly, and regardless of scope and scale, they can contribute to the vitality of our communities. Not all of these activities, though, are eligible for Detroit Arts Support grants ($5,000-$100,000) given application criteria. So, to widen the range of creative projects that could get a boost from funding, this Creators of Culture grant program specifically targets projects that do not qualify for the larger grants—maybe because they are too small, new, or informal—but that do have positive impacts in communities. Through this program, each year for the next three years, CultureSource will offer 25 $3,000 grants to creators of culture, in collaboration with the Detroit Arts Support program.

Why this is important to CultureSource? Our mission is to advance the work of organizations that cultivate creative and cultural expression in Southeast Michigan. Working within that mission includes us offering programs specifically for the creators and artists who are part of or who partner with organizations. Additionally, below are five of our seven guiding principles, which also describe some of the values behind our work: 

  • We must embrace contemporary culture at its core and edges.
  • Cultural organizations of all sizes can be valued as community anchors.
  • We have a responsibility to elevate voices historically oppressed by privilege.
  • We speak clearly, respectfully, and inclusively.
  • We believe creativity is fundamental.

Information Sessions

CultureSource will host a series of public info sessions in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties throughout the spring:


Please contact Jane Linn at 313-831-1151 or [email protected].

Apply to Creators of Culture by June 10. Review the questions here before filling out the application form. Please use only the number of words that you need to answer the questions. You do not need to use the maximum number allowed. You will not be allowed to save and go back to your form, so make sure to answer your questions in a separate document before filling out the form and pressing submit.

Creators of Culture Grant Questions     Budget Form Template (Note, if you are having trouble uploading your budget form, please make sure you are using Google Chrome as your browser.)

 Applicants will receive notification of their grant results in September.