From the Executive Director

Dear CultureSource Members,

Earlier this week I was inspired by a Wall Street Journal article* about movie theaters enhancing accommodations and evolving business models to lure more customers into seats. They are going "upscale."

It made me wonder, "How is our cultural sector retooling or 'right-scaling' to positively impact our neighbors and patrons' lives? How is our field aligning our practices with the ways people are already working and playing, or with people's aspirations for their businesses and families?"

While we may believe our presentations and events are inherently attractive, our work at being relevant and sustainable (and answering those questions) requires a curiosity about communities, collection and analysis of participation data, a willingness to connect, and an inclusive spirit and approach.

Toward helping you flourish in this work, CultureSource will be presenting special programs in May and June that share ideas and inspiration for making meaningful connections with audiences, current and new.

In the meantime, there is already inspiration to be gleaned from our peers in the region who are doing the following:

  • Using a wide range of media channels for promotion
  • Presenting performances and exhibitions outdoors and for the public
  • Aligning programming with politically salient issues
  • Upgrading facilities and infrastructure to compelling standards of comfort and accessibility
  • Building a bench of creative entrepreneurs


*That article is behind a paywall unless you subscribe to the Wall Street Journal or open it at your nearest library.