From the Executive Director

Dear CultureSource Members,
Yesterday I gave two conference presentations on activism and equity through creative expression at the University of Michigan's Michigan's Spectrum of Advocacy and Activism Symposium. While the preparation process was intense, it reinforced my perception that the cultural community has an abundant ability to leverage our sector's resources to bring about new possibilities for a prosperous future.
This follows a series of inspirational and informative conversations I have heard over the past month—diversity, equity and inclusion training by the PFund Foundation in Minneapolis; encouragement to innovate from many speakers at the Grantmakers in the Arts conference; debriefs and discussions with our staff who attended the Our Common Future conference; and rich (and digestible) audience development from Colleen Dilenschneider during a special session for our members' executive leadership .
I also have, of course, been enriched by my time getting to know you—our members—and I look forward to being in touch soon with news of exciting developments based on this blitz of learning.
Before closing, I want to publicly send a giant thank you to our colleague, Kathryn Dimond. She has been presented with an external opportunity that will engage her in creative ways throughout our community and has stepped down from her role at CultureSource. We wish her all the best.
We also hope you have a joy-filled holiday season ahead.