President & CEO's Blog

Dear CultureSource Members,

On Wednesday, June 7th, Hillary Brody, Kathryn Dimond and Kim Howard attended the Talent Leadership Development Program from the Racial Justice Leadership Institute presented by Race Forward in New York City. This one-day seminar on diversity and inclusion was funded by The Kresge Foundation and included staff from nonprofits around the United States, including those from ACCESS.

The desired outcomes from Race Forward included working on a common language for talking about racial equity and inclusion; shared analysis and concepts for examining and working toward racial justice; and a common toolset for next steps in applying race equity in our work. By identifying diversity as any type of variance, equality as equal footing, equity as fairness and inclusion as an authenticity of practice, we can all recognize within our own practices areas of strengths and opportunities for growth. It was especially noteworthy to hear that an organization may have equality that produces inequitable outcomes. Framing the discussion in this way led to challenging and thought-provoking examinations that we will continue.

As the alliance for arts and culture organizations throughout Southeast Michigan, we at CultureSource recognize the many different communities we serve via our members, ranging from the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Arab American National Museum, the Holocaust Memorial Center and Plowshares Theatre Company. The arts are a pivotal mechanism used to educate us about times, places and people different from ourselves, and we are fortunate in Southeast Michigan to have an abundance of museums, performance groups and arts educators working to share these various narratives. Our vibrant metropolitan region is nurtured by contributions from all races, religion, gender and sexual orientation, and we strive to share a variety of voices with our members through our capacity building programs, while sharing their unique stories on our website.

While there is only so much that can be applied based on a single day of training, CultureSource is committed to working towards a more equitable representation of the arts throughout Southeast Michigan, whether it be within our own board, in the programming we provide for our members, or the messaging we share about the importance of arts and culture to community leaders.

We thank Kresge for this learning opportunity, and look forward to many more.

The CultureSource Team